About Us


a substance that increases the rate of a reaction without itself undergoing any permanent change.

As a Chinese-American woman, I have found that navigating through Western beauty standards with Asian features is extremely difficult, especially for my eyes. Having never properly felt seen or catered to, I decided to create products suited for eyes like mine at a price point affordable to most. 

Catalyst Lashes were formulated to provide effective change to ones appearance, specifically for those with smaller eyes, while retaining the shape and style of the most flattering lashes ever.

Catalyst Lashes was created in the hopes that people can feel good about looking great and not have to compromise comfort or visibility. It is about providing tangible support for marginalized groups so that we can uplift each other. 

We hope our brand serves as an inspiration for other catalysts- to instigate for change but remain true to themselves.


Beauty is the Catalyst. You are the Change.